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The operating premise of The Special Committee is that issues of fundamental rights, either minorty civil rights or the over-arching right of Canadians to remain citzens of Canada, do not lie within the purview of Quebec’s political majority to determine. Such rights lie within the purview of the Constitution of Canada, the supreme law of the land, which it is Ottawa’s duty clearly and consistently to uphold and assert. Where necessary, individuals and lawyers affiliated with The Special Committee mount court challenges against Quebec government legislation that violates these rights, chief amongst which is Special Committee Chairman Keith Henderson's case against Quebec's Bill 99 which falsely states that Quebec alone can determine its legal and constitutional future within Canada.

Members of the Committee

Stephen Scott, Professor emeritus of Constititional Law, McGill University, Founder

Keith Henderson, novelist, Professor of English Literature, Vanier College, (retired) former Leader of the Equality Party, Chairman

Don Donderi, author, Professor of Psychology, McGill University, (retired) President of CITCAN

Brent Tyler, former President of Alliance Quebec, Human Rights Lawyer

Giuliana Pendenza, Businesswoman, Director of Communications DC Books (Montreal), Chair of the Management Board of the Special Committee

Peter Goldring, Former Member of Parliament Edmonton East, Founder of the Western Canada Chapter of the Special Committee

Sonia Mullins, Management Board of the Special Committee